We use golf as a vehicle to teach young people the true values of life and life skills.


  • Jackson Young recipient of the Wright Way Scholarship 2017

    March 15 – Congratulations to Jackson Young the 2017 recipient of the Wright Way Scholarship. This scholarship is given by the Wilmington Junior Golf Association each year to a student who excels at school, is active in community affairs, and plays high school golf. The scholarship is named for Tim Wright who tragically died Christmas Read More

  • Social/Fundraising Event @ Waterline Brewery

    May 19 | Please join the Wilmington Junior Golf Academy at Waterline brewery starting at 4:00PM. There will be live music and a food truck.  There will also be golf games for kids and adults and a silent auction. This is a family friendly event. Venue Website: http://www.waterlinebrewing.com   Waterline Brewery 721 Surry Street Wilmington, NC 28401 910-777-5599

  • Youngsters learn life lessons in Junior Golf Academy

    WILMINGTON | Youth, golf and Jake Hunt all come together under one golf umbrella called the Wilmington Junior Golf Academy, a nonprofit organization. Hunt founded the academy to help junior golfers maximize their educational opportunities and enhance their golfing skills. As a nonprofit, the funding comes from donations from individuals, businesses, bequests and fundraising events. Read More



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